Thoughts about CEM in Taiwan

Thoughts about CEM in Taiwan

Senior LecturerSteven Hacker


 In the last four years I have had the pleasure of presenting dozens of CEM courses throughout the world and I have visited Taiwan on three different occasions for CEM instruction. Each time I come away terribly impressed for a number of reasons.  


First, and perhaps most important, TAITRA, is among the very best organizers of CEM study in the world. The level of detailed planning and the support and preparation that instructors and students receive is unrivaled elsewhere. This is terribly important because the comprehensive prior planning virtually ensures that the program will be conducted very professionally. Taiwan is the only nation, for example, that provides students with a 30-minute tutorial of the entire program in their native language before class begins. This brief but comprehensive preview of the day’s activities helps address what might otherwise be challenges arising from language and cultural differences.


The venue in Taipei, likewise, is among the best in the world. The World Trade Center offers state-of-the-art technology and classroom facilities that make the CEM programs even more valuable to the students. The location which is adjacent to the exhibition hall also allows students the unique opportunity to observe exhibitions taking place. This is very helpful when we discuss different ways to design exhibition floors, address attendee flow issues, and allows students to secure a real-world overview of an exhibition in progress.


Finally, the commitment to learning of the students in Taiwan is superb. Each of them read the CEM content meticulously and many come to class with questions and comments already prepared. This kind of participation on the part of students also ensures that the day of instruction will be very beneficial to them.


I look forward to visiting Taiwan for many reasons but what I have noted makes the experience especially gratifying. 



Steven Hacker, CAE, CEM, FASAE
CEM資深講師,其獨特教學方式深受台灣學生好評。在外貿協會邀請下定期至台灣教學,除與學員分享CEM課程內容更帶來許多國際展會最新脈動資訊分享,學員收益良多。圖為Steven Hacker上課情形。